Satokartta, “The Harvest Map” is an ongoing mapping process of Helsinki’s public edible trees and shrubs.

The project started in September 2009 when a group of urban gardeners from environmental organization Dodo started to notice that quite a lot of food grows in the city without any gardeners’ efforts. Before the map started to form “Urban Foraging Ride”, a bicycle tour was arranged to found and taste the bounty on offer in Helsinki’s parks, forests and wastelands. Helsinki really can be seen as a surprising urban orchard!

At first a mindmap, then a papermap were sufficient for marking the found harvest. Since August 2011 Satokartta/The Harvest Map has been online for everyone’s free use.

You can give a harvesting tip through these pages (“Anna satovinkki”). Please mention the species (apple, nut tree, currant bush…), estimated amount and time of harvest and other comments if you wish. After the suggested site has been checked it is added to the map as soon as possible.

Finland’s liberal Everyman’s rights applies to the cities too. So foraging is allowed in parks and other public spaces if prohibition signs haven’t been posted, and so far none have been seen in Helsinki. The harvest is safe to eat after a good rinse, though foraging near heavy traffic isn’t recommended.

Urban foraging rides  (Sadonkorjuupyöräilyt) are arranged in August/September. 2015 there will be one ride in English on 23rd of September http://livingspaces.pixelache.ac/events/urban-foraging-ride?locale=en Free entrance!

Happy foraging!

Contact: satokartta (at) gmail.com